Welcome to AGCM

Welcome to AGCM

Akashganga is a Registered Trade Mark.

The main object of the company is to carry on the business of Designing, manufacturing, producing, developing, fabricating, assembling, Supplying of all types of constructional machines and equipments.

Our Products

  • Artificial Sand Making Machines
  • Jaw Crushers
  • Cone Crushers
  • VSI Crushers ( PATENTED )
  • Finopactor™
  • Special VSI Crusher for High Silica Minerals
  • Plaster Sand Making Machines
  • Dust Separating Unit ( PATENTED )
  • Dust Free Products ( DFP ) – ( PATENTED )
  • Sand Washing Plants
  • Benefication Plants
  • Conveyors Silos, Hoppers
  • Other Constructional Machines & Accessories

All Types of Stones, Gravel, Basalt, Sand Stone, Granite, Silt Stone, Garnet, Lime Stone

Quartz, Quartz Jasperoid, High Silica Stone, Dolomite Flint, Gabbros

Glass Silica, Cement Clinckers, Ceramics, Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Quality Sand, Abrasives

Debris, Waste Building Material, Concrete

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New Product Development

Fines Separator for Aggregates, Sand & Minerals

In construction industries stone metal (Crushed stone) is main ingredient for cement concrete. In crushing process fine dust below 75 micron is generated . Fine dust is having more surface area hence requires more water. It increases water cement ratio. Increase in Water cement ratio reduces strength of concrete, hence dust must be separated to attend higher strength . Conventional Method for separating dust is only to be washed by water. Akashganga invented a novel process for separating dust . It is a dry Process & requires no water. This process is much economical and more efficient. In Water Washing fine particles of sand are swept away, makes the sand inferior quality.

The dust separating Machine invented by Akashganga is also very useful in Mineral Industries. Iron Ore, Aluminium Ore, Quartz & Feldspar etc.contains some impurity and mica. To increase the concentration of Ore, it is crushed. Fine dust and mica are lighter than the ore. With the Machine invented by Akashganga, these impurity is separated and concentration of the ore increase. This reduces the costly process of water washing and is more economical.

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